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Junk Drawer Spy Club is the brainchild of bestselling author Patrick Wensink. After writing two picture books for children (Go Go Gorillas and Gorillas Go Bananas), and several books for grownups, he began giving his 8-year-old son, Walter, top secret missions around the house using random items from the junk drawer and recycling bins.


The results were amazing and soon, a story began to sprout, including a host of villains and subplots, and crafty inventiveness.

The Junk Drawer Spy Club was created during the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine as a way to help kids stay entertained while indoors and to give grownups a much-needed break. 

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PLEASE SHARE YOUR CREATIONS Here. We are a community of crafty spies who love seeing each other's work!

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