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Grownups! You have an important mission.


Your kiddo needs you to help stock their spy kit every day. The good news is, you already have all the spy gear they need in your recycling bin and your junk drawer. Check out the Spy Kit page for ideas.

Yes, it'll take 5 minutes of your time to prepare. But, once your spy gets working, they will be independently chugging along!

[Hot Tip] Don't flood your child's Spy Kit with material. We at the Junk Drawer Spy Club have found that less is often more. Our mission instructions never include how-to photos or step-by-step instructions. That's on purpose! Because junior spies are adaptable and their imagination starts to chug away when they have to find their own solutions. 

You will be shocked by what they come up with! Especially if you include a little weirdness. For example, Mission #002 is to build a zipline. So, obviously, include some string, maybe some straws, and a box. But if you toss in a rubber ducky or some bizarre plastic strips you tore off a printer cartridge, suddenly those spies are blowing our minds and theirs!

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