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Please answer these two questions before before joining The Junk Drawer Spy Club:


1. Do you like to make crafts and be creative?

2. Are you ready to battle bad guys, villains, and tax cheaters using those crafts?


Excellent! You're just the kind of agent we need. Now that you've passed the first test, there are two things you need to do to have MAXIMUM fun here.


First, have an adult (or do it your self) help assemble a SPY KIT from stuff in your junk drawer and recycling bin.


Second, scroll down and be sure to start with MISSION #001 and go up from there. I'm not saying there's a booby trap that will make your computer smell like a wet grizzly bear if you go out of order...but you might just want to play it safe.


Go out there, agents! Have fun. Get crafty. Fight crime. Share your creations with other agents!


-Secret Agent W

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