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Mission #002

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Mission: #002

Secret Agent,

Great job yesterday with that spy ID. If your grownups say it’s okay, other agents would love to see your work. Post it to Twitter or Instagram!

Now that you have your ID, we can assign you your first case. Boy, it’s a tough one! In fact, this might be the most challenging challenge that has ever challenged a challenger.

According to our other agents in the field, Kirk and Dirk Zobo are in the cheese capital of the world, Mount Chunky Cheddar. Yes! The 6,000-foot tall mountain of cheese in Northern Wisconsin.

"Artist's Sketch of Kirk And Dirk Zobo"

As you know, Kirk and Dirk are master thieves. They have stolen famous artwork, priceless jewelry, and once even stole the beans out of my chili! And…I…Love…Chili! We have to stop this unstoppable crew.

Quick, jump in the Junk Drawer Spy Club Party Blimp and go straight to Mount Chunky Cheddar. While on the way, get your Spy Kit out and work on your BIG ASSIGNMENT:

Your Mission: Construct a zipline to run from the Party Blimp to the Mountain.

1. Print off (see pics below) or draw your own blimp and mountain. Tape the blimp somewhere high, like the top of the stairs or the back of a heavy chair. Tape the mountain somewhere low.

2. Use your SPY KIT to build a zipline that runs from the blimp to the mountain so we can get all our agents there to protect it.

3. Hey, where are you going? That’s not all! Use the equipment in your spy kit to build a zipline transporter to help all the agents get there. [Spy hint: straws, toilet paper tubes, and paper towel rolls all work great for zipping down strings]

4. Last but not least, decorate it as cool as you can. We might be in a hurry, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have style!

Hurry! If you don’t get us down there in time, the Zobo Brothers will win. You know what that means: No macaroni and cheese, no cheeseburgers, no cheese pizza, no jalapeno cheese ice cream sundaes!

The world’s lactose fate lies in your hands. Good luck.



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