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Mission #003

Mission: #003

Ahoy mates,

Holy cow. We are all very impressed yesterday. We’ve never seen such a new agent build such an amazing zipline. We all got in place and defended the cheese against…nobody. We thought your amazing design scared them off, but no.


Kirk and Dirk Zobo wanted us to think they were robbing the world of its cheddar cheese in Wisconsin. All along, they were in Paris. We just got word that the Zobo Brothers broke into the Muse de Macaroon, the world’s fanciest pants art gallery. And they…(gulp)…stole…(double gulp)…The Famous Neil Diamond.

Yes, that Neil Diamond. The world’s only 1,000 karat diamond. It’s the size of a beach ball and weighs more than a gallon of chocolate milk. It is the most expensive diamond in the world, worth $100 million!

Worse still, they left a very rude note at the crime scene.

Dear Junk Drawer Spy Club,
Enjoy the Cheese. Hope it smells better than your armpits.
Badly Yours,
The Zobo Brothers

That really makes me angry. I use special armpit soap in the shower to make sure I smell like a rootbeer float. Don’t you?

Luckily, one of our submarines in the Atlantic Ocean spotted the Kirk and Dirk’s boat The “S.S. Bad Attitude” speeding toward a deserted island near Bermuda.

We need you to stop them!

But first: Secret Agent POP QUIZ

  1. Will you melt if you get wet? Yes or NO

  2. Are you scared of fish, sharks, octopus, or seaweed? Yes or NO

  3. Are you willing to risk everything to stop the Zobo Brothers? Yes or NO

  4. Do I smell like a rootbeer float or what? Yes or NO

Perfect score! I knew we could count on you!

Your Mission: Using your trusty spy kit, build a boat to capture the Zobo Brothers.

Your Boat Must:

1. Float (Hint: Try using something airtight like a Tupperware container.)

2. It must be made of at least four pieces.

3. All the pieces must be connected somehow (Hint: tape, string, rubber bands, chocolate frosting.)

4. It must have some device to stop the Zobo Brothers (Maybe something that launches, or throws bombs, or traps their boat. Use your imagination and your Spy Kit supplies.)

5. Finally, test it out in some water, like in a tub or a sink, or a 20,000 gallon vat of lemonade.

We are very close to capturing the World’s Most Wanted criminal twin brothers. You can do it!


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