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Mission #004

Mission: #004

That was amazing! We captured The Zobo Brothers. Let’s celebrate!

1. Shout “Take That Zobo Brothers!” as loud as you can.

2. Perform a Robo Zobo Breakdance celebration.

3. Oh yeah, also shout: “Our armpits smell great!” That’ll show ‘em.

Sweet moves. I loved your dance!

Can we talk about yesterday? Never before in the history of the Junk Drawer Spy Club have we seen a boat like the one you made. It caught the Zobo Brothers in no time flat. I never would have thought of using all those different materials. You are rising up the ranks here. Who knows, you might earn your first merit badge at this rate.

Here’s an update: The Neil Diamond has been returned to the museum. The curator, Madame Pommes Frites, wanted me to pass along her thanks. “Next time you are in Paris, I owe you an éclair…and the $1 Million reward,” she said.

Also, we currently have Kirk and Dirk Zobo held prisoner in our party blimp. Great news, right? Yes and no. As you know, these two got a scholarship to Harvard for Prison Break-ology. (I’ve asked the school to stop teaching that class, but they said no.) As you can guess, those two are experts at escaping from blimps. They’ve escaped from dozens of places before:

· Federal Prison

· Alcatraz

· Shark Jail

· Laser Jail

· After School Detention

· Their Mother’s Loving arms

No set of bars can keep the Zobo Brothers locked up! Until Now…

While our attorney, Sylvia, prepares to take the Zobos to court for stealing the Neil Diamond, we need you to construct a Zobo-proof jail.

Your Mission: Zobo Jail

Make sure it includes

1. prison bars

2. a door

3. a defense system in case the Zobo Brothers’ army of zombie penguins tries to help break them out.

4. Also, it should have a flower. Flowers are so pretty. Maybe Kirk and Dirk will stay put if their cell is pretty?

Also, this jail should have a cool name written above the door.

1. Think of an animal. ___________________

2. Think of a color. _____________________

3. Think of a piece of clothing._____________

Your prison is called

“The ____(Color)_____ ____(Animal)___ ____(Clothes)__ Jail for bad guys, evil doers, and Lunch Line Cutters.”

Hurry! Get to building. I thought I heard the sound of zombie penguins nearby.


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