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Mission: #005

Dear agent,

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that we are all very impressed with the jail you built. That security system was top notch, and the flower was top notch! It is, by far, the toughest prison ever constructed to hold the Zobo Brothers. Which means…well…it held them for about 12 hours. A new record!

That brings me to the bad news. Kirk and Dirk Zobo escaped just a minute ago.


It's kinda, sorta, maybe my fault. It’s a funny story, one of their zombie penguins was dressed up as a little baby in a stroller and two other penguins were standing atop one another, dressed like a grandma. You know me, I love babies. So, I kind of…sort of…let them hang out by the jail. Before I knew it, the baby tossed a stick of dynamite out of the stroller!

Kablam-o! It blew a hole right in the side of your jail.

Then, the baby carriage turned into a hot air balloon. I was shocked!

If we want to stop the Zobo Brothers, we have to act quickly. I don’t have time for questions and quizzes, or dice rolling. HURRY. I can see them floating away, probably going back to their fortress. Or worse, the Zobo Brothers might be going to detonate their Dirty Underwear Bomb over Hong Kong. Our spies have heard they are planning that caper.

Your Mission: Pop the Zobo Balloon!

Think quickly, using your Spy Kit you must build a contraption that must pop their balloon.

1. Have a grownup blow up a balloon (if you don’t have a balloon, maybe puff up a zip-top sandwich baggie) and tape it to the ceiling.

2. Hint: some equipment that might be handy are long things, like brooms or bats or sticks. And sharp things, like pencils and chopsticks.

Please hurry! Without your help, the Zobos will be free to drop stinky boxer shorts across the world!

-Agent W

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