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Mission #006: The Basketball Catapult

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

What an amazing day. So much good news to fill you in on. First, of course, your contraption helped to burst the Zobo Brothers’ balloon. We found them a few miles away, hiding up a tree and pretending to be squirrels.

We aren't going to fall for that twice! (It's a long story.) Kirk and Dirk are back in jail. We fixed the hole they blew in the jail wall. Everything is going great. Our agents are questioning The Zobo Brothers to try to get some secrets! Rumor has it, their friend, Gustav Von Blood has been planning a caper.

There’s really no job for you to do today. I guess you can just relax, maybe go on vacation, eat your favorite mayonnaise and chocolate pizza. (That’s my favorite. It’s not yours?). Nothing to do…except…well…

Our basketball team is playing in the World Super Spy Basketball Tournament. We are in the final game against the Norwegian Secret Agents. But we're losing at halftime 68-56!

Even worse, the only basketball is flat because because a moose sat on it. (Norway is full of moose. They just let them wander around everywhere--even championship basketball games!!!)


I have the solution! We need to send them a new ball with a catapult.

A: First, make a basketball for our team. (I'd crumple up a few sheets of paper. If you have orange construction paper, even better!)

B: Build a catapult using your Spy Kit that will launch those balls all the way to Norway. Think about making it out of stuff like rubber bands, rulers, and other catapult-tastic fun.

C: Make a target. Write "Norway" on a basket or a box.

D: Fire away! Get that ball to the championship game!

E: Oh yeah, I also forgot to name our basketball team. We need a cool mascot to put on the trophy if we win the game.

[Grab some dice. Roll them once. The number you get will be the name.]

1. Fighting Meerkats

2. Mayonnaise Pizzas

3. Pistachio Bandits

4. Flying Couches

5. Tuxedo-Wearing Ghosts

6. Dancing Pickles

Awesome! Our championship trophy will say:

Junk Drawer Spy Club ______(Name)__________.

Can't wait to put it in the trophy case at headquarters. The last time we won an award was when I was voted "Best Suspicious Mustache of 1988" at SpyCon.


Agent W

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