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Mission #007: The Trophy Secret

Time to celebrate! Let me hear you say: “Woo!” Let me hear you say: “Hoo!” Let me hear you say, “We Won!”

Now, do a victory dance. Mine is called the “Paper Arms”.

What’s yours called?

Why the celebration? Our basketball team had a stunning last-second victory yesterday. We beat the Norwegian spies 99-100. It was all thanks to the ball and catapult you made. We all agree, it was the best catapult we’ve seen since the Canadian spy, Lawrence Bagofonions, launched a bowl of chicken noodle soup into outer space in 1986.

Today’s mission is all about celebration.

MISSION: Championship Trophy

Today, we need you to use your spy kit to construct a championship trophy to celebrate…but that’s not all.

1. Construct a championship trophy that is at least one-foot tall.

(We recommend using things like paper towel tubes, maybe a small box like the kind that comes form macaroni, and also some kind of decoration on top. Some trophies have basketballs, or basketball players, or handsome carvings of Agent W’s amazing mustache…whatever makes you happy.)

2. It should also say what the trophy is for. Remember the team name you invented last time? Use it! So that your trophy reads:


JUNK DRAWER SPY CLUB ______(team Name)_________________


3. Now, here comes the sneaky part. We want you to put a special compartment or trap door in the back of the trophy. Something that can hold this secret message:

(Write this on a small slip of paper and hide it in the compartment:


What does this message mean? We don’t know. I have to feed this code into our Secret Message Decoding Computer and Espresso Machine back at headquarters. One of our basketball playing agents got this secret message from one of the Norwegian spies. They claim it is an important clue about the Zobo Brothers that we should know, especially since they are stuck in our jail.

The Zobo Brothers have been locked up for several days now. A new record! I think this information will help us keep the planet safe from dangerous twin brothers!

Good luck,

Agent W

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