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Mission #008: The Rise of Gustav Von Blood


Beautiful work on the trophy. I especially loved the secret compartment. So sneaky, it took me 10 minutes and an X-ray machine to find it!

Only one problem: My Spy Message Decoder and Espresso Machine is broken. It only makes espresso. So, I can’t figure out what the secret message about the Zobo Brothers says until the repair man arrives. He says it’s a couple of days at the most.

Speaking of the Zobo Brothers, there is some interesting news with those two goofballs. We have been questioning them for days with no luck. THEN they said they’d talk for some peanut butter candy. Next thing you know, they are telling us all of their secrets!

I know. I’m the greatest spy in history. Stop clapping for me.

But, you know, they are the world’s most evil criminals…so, I kinda don’t know if I should trust them.

Should I trust the Zobo Brothers? (Pick One) YES! NO!

Hmmm. I see your point. I had a tough time…but, I decided, yes, I trust the Zobo Brothers. They said they’re sorry. Really, really, double-extra sorry. Kirk even cried!

Plus, Kirk and Dirk gave us a hot tip on the second-most famous bad guy on the planet: Gustav Von Blood!

Oooh, I hate that guy. Look at how evil he looks!

Kirk and Dirk said that Gustav has a new headquarters. GUSTAV VON BLOOD’S TOTALLY NOT EVIL PETTING ZOO.

Kirk and Dirk claim that, since they are now on our side, they’d like to go undercover and get some secrets from Gustav.

What do you think? GOOD IDEA BAD IDEA

Hmmm. Yeah, I see your point. But, I think I trust the Zobo Brothers. They sang me a song today about how cool I am and what a great dancer I am. Bad guys wouldn’t do that!

YOUR MISSION: Make Kirk and Dirk some disguises using your spy kit and construction paper. We need the following:

1. A zombie penguin costume.

2. A magician costume.

3. A Dinosaur Costume.

4. A can of Diet Evil Soda costume. (Diet Evil Soda is Gustav’s favorite drink!)

[You can copy and paste Kirk and Dirk so you can print them. Or just draw your own!]

-Agent W



(Kirk and Dirk images courtesy of Shutterstock)

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