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Mission #009 The Top Secret Sugar Gadget

Exciting news!

Thanks to your costume, the Zobo Brothers were able to sneak into Gustav Von Blood’s zoo. It was a close call, but they were able to blend into the zombie penguin exhibit when the security guards came around. Perfect!

While they were snooping around, Kirk and Dirk uncovered a truly awful scheme…and they stopped by the gift shop. They bought me a cool T-Shirt. It says, “I GOT BIT BY A ZOMBIE PENGUIN AT GUSTAV VON BLOOD’S TOTALLY NOT EVIL PETTING ZOO”. Those Zobo Brothers are so thoughtful! I can’t believe I ever hated them and tried to lock them up for life. We’re besties now! They asked me to join their softball team!!!

Oops. Sorry. I got off topic.

Where was I? Right, our newest undercover agents, The Zobo Brothers, discovered that Gustav Von Blood is planning on stealing the world’s sugar supply. Every sweet little grain of sugar!

Why do you think Gustav would do such a horrible thing? ______________________________

Good guess. My first thought was that he was using it to make Diet Evil Soda (Did you know that the #1 ingredient of Diet Evil Soda is sugar? It’s not diet at all. Oooh, I hate liars like that, don’t you?). But I like your guess better. That must be it.

Either way, Gustav is the world’s foremost sugar bandit. We have to stop him and…hold on…Yipes! Our radar confirms Gustav is in your neighborhood. He is probably coming for the sugar in your kitchen. We have to trap him.

Good thing our best junior spy is on the case!


Using the gear in your Spy Kit, construct a gadget that will protect the bag of sugar in your kitchen from sticky-fingered kittens.

1. Find a bag of sugar and put it on the countertop. (Don’t spill it! That’s easy pickings for Gustav.) If you don’t have any sugar, just label some other bag “SUGAR”. That’ll trick Gustav!

2. Build a gadget to protect that sugar! Maybe it makes a noise when someone goes for the sweets? Maybe it swats away fuzzy little paws away? Maybe it creates a wormhole in the spacetime continuum and zaps Gustav back to 200 B.C.? Or maybe you have an even better idea?

If your plan works, we’ll put similar gadgets on all the sugar in the world. We have to in order to stop Von Blood. Hurry!

-Agent W

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