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Mission #010 Catch The ZoboCopter!

We’ve been fooled!

Or, maybe, it’s just me. Did you ever trust the Zobo Brothers? YES NO

Well, I sure trusted them. I let them babysit my pet goldfish and borrow my favorite disguise (It’s a very realistic octopus costume!). But they’re gone! They stole my fish, they stole my disguise, they even stole our most prized possession—the BadTron6000.

The BadTron6000 is our database of all the worst criminals in the world and all the crimes they’ve committed. Without that, we’re helpless!!!!

Quick, the Zobo Brothers are escaping in their ZoboCopter. The world’s fastest helicopter.

We need to catch them or…hey, wait a second, my secret message decoder finally started working. Hey, look, it’s telling me what the message from the Norwegian spies says…


Well, that’s not really helpful now, is it?


1. Using your spy kit, build a helicopter to catch Kirk and Dirk!

2. Make sure it has a spinning propeller and those cool landing thingies that helicopters have.

3. Also, bonus points for any kind of contraption that will stop the ZoboCopter.


-Agent W

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