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Mission #001

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Mission: #001

Dear Agent,

The dangerous Zobo Brothers are at it again. Rumor has it, they are trying to steal the world’s supply of cheddar cheese. We’re not sure why yet. But we know beating them will be an extremely dangerous mission that only you can accomplish. Do you accept the challenge? YES! or NO! Excellent! I knew we could count on you. Just a few more questions. Before we welcome you into the club. (Circle one each) Are you allergic to robotic tigers? YES! or NO! Have you ever been bitten by a zombie penguin? YES! or NO! Are you related to Kirk or Dirk Zobo? YES! or NO! Excellent. You are first-rate spy material! First, you need a super-duper secret code name just for this project. (Grab some dice from a board game and roll one for each name and then write it down on this document.) First Name 1: Agent 2. Doctor 3. Inspector 4. Big 5. Super 6. Detective

Second Name 1. Fondue 2. Kalamazoo 3. Left Nostril 4. Beehive 5. Zipline 6. Fish bowl Third Name 1. Kangaroo 2. Dangerbutt 3. Sneaky-shoes 4. Laser Pants 5. Quack-a-Lacka 6. Sugar Booger

(Example: I rolled a 1, a 4, and a 2. So my name would be “Agent Beehive Dangerbutt”.)

I love that name! Super sneaky. Undetectable. The Zobo Brothers and their evil friends will never know what hit them once you are on the case.

But we need a way for secret agents to identify one another in person and on the internet. So, I have YOUR FIRST MISSION!

Mission 1: Design a spy identification card. But you must do it in secret. The Zobo Brothers have spies all over the globe.

1. Cut a rectangle of sturdy cardboard (like from a cereal box) from your Spy Kit, make sure it is big enough to draw on.

2. Get some pens or crayons or markers. Also, grab any stamps or stickers that you really like.

3. Make your ID. It must include the following things or it WON’T BE OFFICIAL:

· Our agency name “Junk Drawer Spy Club” across the top.

· Your secret agent name (Never your Real Name!!!).

· Your location (It can be real or made-up)

· Your secret spy talent.

· Draw a picture of yourself in disguise.

· Decorate it with stickers and stamps and other cool ideas.

· Share it with our other spies on Instagram and Twitter.

Glad to have you aboard, agent. You and that secret spy talent are just what we need to defeat the Zobo Br…

Oh my, I just got a message on my secret toothbrush phone (You have a toothbrush phone, right? Of course you do. Silly question.). Our agents have spotted the Zobo Brothers and they are up to no good. I should have more information tomorrow.

Hurry, get to making that ID Card! I will have another mission for you then!


PS: Here are a couple examples. But yours do not have to look the same! In fact, they shouldn't at all!

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