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Reward Day!

Brilliant work! That gadget you built nearly helped us capture Gustav Von Blood. He barely escaped. But, it kept the world's sugar safe.

To say "thank you" I have a reward to give you.

But first, an update. I heard from the Secret Message Decoder and Espresso Machine repair person. She's coming by tomorrow to fix it! Finally, we'll know what that message from the Norwegian spies said.

Probably something about how the Zobo Brothers are AWESOME! Trusting them to become good guys has been the best decision I ever made. Kirk taught me how to dunk a basketball. Dirk taught me how to dance The Macarena. Tonight, we're all going bake a pie! (Thank goodness there's still sugar in the headquarters' kitchen!)

So, as a thank you for all your hard work, I wanted to give you your first merit badge. This one is for super spying!

Print it off or just draw your own and put it on the back of your Spy ID.

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