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How to Build a Spy Kit

Good news, you already have everything you need to build a world-class, crime-fighting, lemon-smelling spy kit. Most houses have junk drawers full of all sorts of things. My house has two! 

Junk drawers are a spy's best friend. You'll find pencils, pens, rubber bands, string, chopsticks, fidget spinners, baby pictures, hard candies from the Stone Age, paper clips, pipe cleaners, foam name it. 

Your junk drawer probably has some of that, probably different stuff, too. It's kind of like what Benjamin Franklin said, "Junk Drawers are Like Snowflakes. No Two are Alike." 

[Agent W's super junky junk drawer]

Next, go to the recycling bin. Go on a spy shopping spree for paper towel tubes, toilet paper rolls, bottle caps, oodles of cardboard. It's all priceless material for crime fighting. 

Also, if you have craft supplies, maybe grab a few things from there. Pipecleaners, buttons, doo-dads galore! 

Finally, you need something to put your spy kit in. I use this funky old briefcase I found in the attic. You can use a backpack, a cardboard box, your little brother's underwear drawer. Anything!

[Agent W's personal Spy Kit]

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